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This is where the content might start to get a little corporate, so I’ll describe my services in a slightly different way. Please keep an open mind as my skills can be transferred across sectors and the scenarios I present need not be exclusive to the motor industry.

Essentially my service is based on sound business principles and a lot of practical experience, so complex issues don’t need to be difficult and I strive to deliver a solid foundation for your growth and profitability.

Strategy and planning

I can help you design a strategy that’s right for your business. A strategy that takes into account the unique challenges and opportunities your business faces.

Operational excellence

Then I can help you bring it to life within your business, communicating and sharing it with your staff along with a plan for presenting it to your key stakeholders. Together we can evaluate all aspects of your business and understand where you need to make improvements.

Project management

All changes need careful management to ensure the business reaches its full potential. So often a good strategy fails to bring the rewards it promises because of poor execution. My experience of managing change through a project management methodology highlights the dangers before they arise, allowing you to take corrective action and keep the implementation on track.

Why not explore each section, then call me to discuss how these ideas fit your business needs.