Proposals and presentations

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There are so many important reasons to have clear and fair contracts in place with your suppliers, with your partners and even with your customers.

If you find yourself spending too much time embroiled in complicated legal matters, then perhaps you would benefit from someone taking some of that pressure off you by facilitating, or even negotiating, on your behalf.

Imagine that you’ve been asked by a key stakeholder or partner to produce a proposal for a new business initiative and present your ideas back to them. Are you really skilled in developing cohesive proposals and converting your ideas into an impactful presentation? If not, then let me help you. I can evaluate a project, produce a detailed feasibility plan and construct an appropriate presentation to give you heightened credentials and a greater prospect of success.

Alternatively you might have received a major tender for a multi national that both excites and terrifies you! I can assist you in the research and construction of your response. I can review the content advising, critiquing and reviewing the proposed business agreements or tender document with key stakeholders to protect your integrity and ensure equitability.

Contact me if any of these potentially daunting matters face you today.