G8 Lough Erne Declaration published

On the final day of the 2013 G8 Summit David Cameron and the other G8 leaders signed the Lough Erne Declaration which sets out agreed principles to:

  • drive growth
  • reduce poverty
  • create jobs and prosperity

The Declaration sets out governments’ responsibilities to make proper rules and promote good governance to increase transparency, open up trade and reduce corporate tax evasion.

On tax

  • Commit to establish the automatic exchange of information between tax authorities to fight tax evasion
  • Support developing countries to collect the taxes owed to them, with access to the global tax information
  • Agree to publish national Action Plans to make information on who really owns and profits from companies available to tax collectors and law enforcers

On transparency

  • Finalise a series of ambitious trade deals, including the EU-US trade agreement
  • Strengthen the multilateral trading system
  • Cut bureaucracy to make it easier and faster for goods to cross borders

On trade

  • Empower people to hold governments and companies to account
  • Agree to an Open Data Charter to make budget data and other government information public in an easily accessible way.
  • Common global reporting standards to make oil, gas and mining companies payments to governments more transparent